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Studying abroad can be an opportunity of a lifetime. It gives you the chance to get recognition at a
global level. Overseas education offers you great exposure along with good quality education and
better research opportunities.
But there are several misconceptions attached to studying abroad which shatter thousands of
dreams and opportunities for a better life. Therefore, this article attempts to bust such myths and
give a clearer picture regarding higher education.

#Myth_1: Studying Abroad can be very expensive
Fact: One can plan their education abroad as per their budget. There are thousands of universities
around the globe that offer excellent quality of education at a low cost and sometimes even free.
Countries like Germany, Ireland, Italy and UK are great options for you if you are short on budget
and do not wish to compromise on the quality of education.
Moreover, other expenses such as living, transportation etc. get covered mostly through part-time
jobs. There are abundant part-time opportunities abroad.
If you don't want to invest hefty amounts but wish to study in top universities abroad. Book a free
counselling session with us and get a broader view of your higher education.

#Myth_2: Studying Abroad is all about partying and having fun
Fact: Studying overseas is more about learning and building valuable skills. It is a chance to expand
your horizons while opening up a world towards personal and professional development. Although
this journey should be fun and happening, it is also a serious undertaking that can impact your
academic career.
Moreover, universities organise several events across the year wherein students can participate and
learn cultural skills and have fun. Various universities also have exchange programmes wherein
students can travel to universities in other countries and experience different learning styles.

#Myth_3: It is difficult to get acceptance into top Universities
Fact: Almost everyone who meets the minimum qualifications and completes the application
process under the right guidance gets accepted in good universities. Moreover, you don’t have to
appear for extremely tough exams and waste a whole year for the preparation. But if you're
planning to study abroad, you should work on overall personal and profile development. Because
your SOP and LOR plays a crucial role in getting you a admit. Thus we, at Athena ensures that every
SOP is unique and drafted to perfection.
And if you still feel doubtful, you can contact us to solve your queries further and get the right
guidance towards your journey. We have a 99% success rate in securing admission to your dream
university and a successful VISA.

#Myth_4: Employers do not value foreign degrees

Fact: With the advent of globalisation, more and more organisations are recruiting people who can
work cross-culturally. Studying abroad is one best way (often the only way) for students to acquire
marketable international qualifications and cross-cultural competency.
Moreover, the soft skills you acquire and the connections you make while studying overseas are
appreciated by employers. Preferably by organisations who wish to expand their business to other
countries or firms that already exist in the foreign market.
Although, we believe that your degree must hold international recognition or else your investment
will not generate any return. Therefore, we only suggest recognised universities with valuable
programs to our students.

#Myths_5: It’s not safe and Indian Students are often neglected
Fact: Most of these countries rank highest on the safety index. Moreover, the university prioritises
your safety and has individual departments to handle queries regarding the same.
Moreover, these days universities wish to have an inclusive classroom with all nationalities and
cultural backgrounds to enhance the experience of studying abroad. Therefore, you will not feel
neglected instead you will make friends from across the world.
If you wish to study in your own country and have a great plan, that is completely fine.
However, if these misconceptions are stopping you from studying abroad, then complete research
before you take a backseat and hamper your dreams. Together we can shape the world with
opportunities and can guide you towards the right country, right university and right course.