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Why do Universities have two intakes?
Most foreign universities accept admissions twice a year. These are known as Fall Intake and
Spring Intake. The fall semester usually starts around August – September and ends in or
around December, while the Spring semester begins in January and ends in May. Universities
have two different admission intakes because.
Firstly, universities receive a high number of applications each year. Thus, it becomes
difficult to accommodate these students in a single semester. By dividing the students into
two semesters, the college can provide admissions to many students without compromising
the quality of education and Student: Teacher ratio.
Moreover, this allows students who couldn’t apply during the academic year. It will benefit
the students as they can apply during the spring semester instead of wasting a whole year
waiting for the next admission round.

What’s the difference between the two intakes?

Every university has its own set of rules and regulations. Some universities offer both intakes
rest only accept one. Sometimes, they are open for both but not for all courses. Therefore,
you must check the website of your dream university regarding your preferred program and

Jobs Opportunities
Job Opportunities do not differ for any intake in the long run. But job fairs and campus
recruitments are often held during the second year, which means you will complete three
semesters if you are in the fall class, and two semesters for the Spring class. The companies
prefer students who have attended that extra semester since they have finished more projects,
have more leadership roles and completed more activities. Although, these vary on an
individual basis.

Assistantships and Internships
You will encounter better opportunities for Part-time jobs in the Fall semester because
technically, the academic session starts during September. Thus, the vacancies for On-
campus jobs, assistantships and other internships are more. But, sometimes you can also
come across better opportunities during the spring semester.

Extracurricular Activities
If you give a lot of importance to extracurricular activities, joining organizations and student
clubs, then applying for the fall semester may be the best option. It becomes difficult to
acquire leadership positions and join the club one semester later as many events and
workshops might have already taken place. But if you are not looking for a role in the core
team, then it doesn’t matter much which semester you join.

Universities usually don’t offer all the courses in the Spring intake that are available during
the Fall intake. This means that if you wish to choose an unusual course that a lot of students
don’t prefer, there are chances it won’t be available in the Spring intake.

Student VISA
Your student VISA doesn’t get affected whether you choose any intake. It entirely depends
on your preferred country, your profile and financial documents.

To conclude, it depends on you and your situation regarding which intake is better. If you feel
confused and wish to clear things out, book a free counselling session with us and kick-start
your study abroad journey.