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As an international student, you’re spending a lot of money, but it is necessary to save some
for yourself.
Learning how to save money will make your time abroad more fruitful. Moreover, it is
crucial to manage your money and invest in better resources.
We suggest you some tips to save money while studying abroad.

1. Make sure to take advantage of student discounts/offers
You receive multiple discounts with your university’s student card. Gyms, MC Donald’s,
Apple stores, Insurance policies, museums, public transportation, and several restaurants are
some of the places that offer student discounts. It saves you a lot of money without
compromising your quality of life. Although, this also depends on several other factors like
your country, university, or course. You must check with the university or on the web for
further details.

2. Living off-campus
On-campus accommodations can be convenient for an international student, but they are
usually expensive. Therefore, try to find accommodations off-campus for cheaper rates. It
will not only save you money, but you can also explore the local culture better. Additionally,
you can find various places to live within walking distance from the university.

3. Plan your budget a month before
Students should plan their expenses every month. It will only help in cutting down on the
expenditure but will also help in saving money. Make a list of expenses such as monthly rent,
transportation, food, electricity etc. and variables such as travelling, miscellaneous. Ensure
that your planned expenditure amount is less than your monthly earnings. Now, if you exceed
your monthly budget, you are still left with money at the end of the month for emergencies.

4. For shopping, keep a close eye on sales
The sale seasons can differ from country to country, though there are often big sales after
Christmas and in the New Year in most places. There are also big sales online, such as Prime
Day offered by Amazon. Make sure to buy stuff during these times to get products at a
discounted price. But, do not buy unnecessarily. Ask yourself twice before purchasing a
product and then proceed with the payment, else you will spend your money on stuff that you
don’t need.

5. Plan your flight tickets in advance
Flight tickets can burn a big hole in your pocket, if not booked at the right time. Plan your
travelling ahead of time and book tickets when the prices are low. It will help you meet your
loved ones without spending a large amount of money.

6. Be punctual with your bills
Make sure you don’t pay any late payment fines. Plan your bills in your monthly budget and
pay them on time or else you will have to pay hefty fines which can turn out to be an
unnecessary expense for you.

7. Be smart with your food and grocery shopping
Make your meals at home and avoid going out multiple times a week. Moreover, go grocery
shopping at stores that offer low prices. Try to buy a bulk quantity of products which are
daily necessities and won’t get rotten.

Hopefully, you follow these tips and save money during your education abroad. For further
details, you can contact us through our website or contact us at +91 8085393423.