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Choosing a university abroad is not an easy task!
There are more than thousands of universities in every part of the world, and
most of these universities are good. But the truth is you can choose only one of
them. And the one university you choose should be your most logical and
practical choice. Although it is advisable to take expert guidance while
shortlisting your university, these are some key factors you should consider if
you wish to do it yourself.


The most dominant factor to consider is whether that university is offering
your desired course or not. Identify your passion, strengths, and weaknesses
and then pick a program that resonates with you the most. You must also
check out all the modules under that program and consider them separately.
If you are uncertain about the course you want to pursue, contact us for a brief
discussion regarding the same. You can also go for conventional programs in
your field.


When you plan overseas education, you have multiple countries to choose
from. Analyse all locations and countries carefully based on your course,
employability for that field, people and environment, diversity, etc. and then
select one of them. To know more about all the countries, check out our home
page for individual details. For additional guidance, book a free counselling
session with our experts.


Cost of Education
While selecting a university, ensure that you stay under your budget in terms
of tuition fees because the cost of your accommodation, books, meals, VISA,
phone and others will add up. Thus, budget planning is crucial.
Some universities might have a higher tuition fee but the living costs might be
low or vice versa. Don't forget to check for internships and part-time
opportunities on and off-campus. You can also check for grants and
scholarships. Moreover, Athena also provides a dedicated session for our
students to plan their finance and loans hassle-free.


Employability Rate
Most students wish to get placed after their education. So, you must check the
employability rate of the university. It is available on their website or on

 google. Make sure you check the employment percentage in your field of

education. It is important to get a return on your investment in education
apart from learning.


Alumni Feedback
A student who has studied at that university can give the best insights into
university life. Therefore, connect with its alumni or current students via
LinkedIn or social media platforms. We at Athena, help our students get in
touch with the alumni network. During this interaction, you learn from their
experiences abroad, get tips for university courses and faculty and build
lifelong connections.