Study Destination

Choose from top study abroad destinations for higher studies

Test Preparation

Every University/Country/Course has a different entry criteria all together

Visa Guidance

Here at Athena, we give comprehensive Visa Services not only for student but 

Post Study Opportunities

Under different Visa categories  every country offers Stay Back Opportunities

At Athena, we provide a one stop solution to all our students’ study abroad requirements, starting right from their career counselling, University/Country selection, admission and visa, travel arrangements, travel insurance, foreign exchange, accommodation, airport pickup and part time job assistance. To help our students we organise a regular pre-departure orientation to guide them about living in their destination country, banking, health and insurances, travelling and much more.

Athena is an authorised representative of many leading Universities/Colleges across the globe, offering a wide option of courses and study destination. Our unique approach is to understand an individual’s skills and abilities, their career goals, identifying various constrains based on their financial, educational, social backgrounds. And then guide them accordingly  to an appropriate course of study in a suitable University/College.

Every Country, University / College have their own admission prerequisites, thus based on your eligibility whether you’re a high-school student seeking under graduate admission, a transferring or returning student, a prospective Masters / Graduate or a PhD applicant or just planning to visit for a summer exchange / short program, we at Athena welcomes your application.

We at Athena, provide all our students updated information about funding their studies whether through educational loans or through various bursaries / scholarships / grants available for international applicants based on their individual profiles. Apart from these we also assist our students for various scholarships offered by other organisations.

We do understand that studying abroad and relocating to a different country is a very crucial step in anybody’s life, thus we carefully prepare every applicant to ensure a smooth transition. All your apprehensions about how and what would happen once you land in your desired country will be well taken care of.

Why Athena !

 1. Authorised representative of Universities and Colleges             across the globe.
2. Career guidance from our Expert advisers who have                    already studied, lived and experienced different cultures.
3. Competent counsellors to assist you throughout the                    process.
4. Spot Admission / Assessment sessions by University                     delegates throughout the year.
5. Assistance in Application and Scholarships.
6. Complete Financial guidance.
7. Professional training for IETLS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT,                    SAT and Spoken English.
8.  Visa Counselling.
9.  Pre-departure orientation.
10.  Assistance in Tourist Visa / Visitor Visa, Dependent                     Visa / Family Reunion Visa.
11.  In short a One Stop solution for all your queries.

Why Study Abroad !
  • Start making the most out of your everyday and become a full-time learner.
  • Learn a new foreign language.
  • Improve your academic, professional and financial potential.
  • Take control of your future by exposing yourself to new paths.
  • Gain a competitive edge over others.
  • Fight stereotypes by educating others about what you represent.
  • Dispel your own stereotypes.
  • Gain perspective by broadening your world experience.
  • Improve your network through new friends and acquaintances.
Our Results Speak for themselves!

The results on which we stand tall are our maximum Visa acceptance ratio with gleeful parents and more over content students.


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