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Q1.How is New Zealand as a country for Indians to pursue MS degree?

Ans. New Zealand is a great country for Indian Students. Moreover they are very
welcoming in nature. So, you won’t face any trouble with the people there but
make sure to check whether your course is available or not and you have
enough job opportunities after studies. You can also check out this page to
know more about education in New Zealand
For further help you can contact us for free counselling related to study abroad
at +91 8085393423.

Q2.Have American universities really waived off GRE recently and It is still
available in 2022? Also, which countries I can apply with an IELTS

Ans. Yes, there are over 3000+ universities of USA who have waived off GRE
recently and the waiver is still available in 2022. You can contact us at +91
8085393423 for more details. Athena Study Abroad can help you apply to
these universities with your IELTS Score.
You can also apply to UK, Canada and several other countries across the
world with IELTS Score.

Q3. Is a GRE score compulsory to study in the UK?

Ans. No, you are eligible to apply to almost all the UK universities without a GRE
Score. In fact, there are thousands of universities across the world that have
waived off GRE. If you wish to study abroad, you can contact us at +91
8085393423 for the right and trusted guidance.

Q4. What according to you is the most important reason as to why Indian
students need to go abroad for studying?

Ans. There are in numerous reasons to study abroad but one of the most important
reason is better quality of education. You get to study in top universities with
best facilities at the same cost.

Q5. I wish to pursue my undergrad abroad. How do I move forward? I am
currently in the 12th standard.

Ans. The best way to move forward would be to book a free counselling session with
and kickstart your journey. Our counsellors have an experience of 14+ years
and have lived and studied in different countries. We are determined to provide
right guidance to our students and make them future ready.

Q6. Is it useful to study abroad?

Ans. There are several benefits of studying abroad, but here we list down a few of them:
1. Since you have the option of choosing amongst 10+ countries you get diverse range
of courses and specializations to choose from.
2. You get to experience life in different cultures, you make friends who belong to
different nationalities and learn better about their lifestyle.
3. You become open to Global career opportunities. You connect with people around the
world and get a chance to work with great leaders.
4. When you live independently, you grow differently. You learn life lessons and there is
immense development in your personality.
5. You don’t have to pay huge amounts of money to study abroad. There are various
scholarships to sponsor your education, moreover countries like Germany, Italy etc.
offers high quality education at a very low cost.
If you’re interested in studying abroad, you can book a free counselling session with us
to kickstart your study abroad journey with the right guidance.

Q7. On what basis a UK student VISA can be denied?

Ans. There can be several reason because of which a UK student VISA can be denied. VISA is one of the most crucial part of studing abroad which often gets neglected. But we at Athena Study abroad ensures that you are ready with all your documents and necessary requirements, so your dream to study abroad doesn’t shatter because of VISA rejection 

Q8. I have always wanted to study abroad for my undergrad but i don’t know  where or how to start. Do you have any advice to someone like me who wants to study abroad ?

Ans. Studying abroad for undergrad program is always a good option because you can make better connections since you have a period of 3-4 years. Moreover, the teaching style is very different, and it is more practical oriented, thus we would suggest you to go ahead with it. To start with your undergrad education, you should contact us and get a counselling session to clear all your doubts from a trusted source. Feel free to contact us at +918085393423.

Q9. I have 30 days to prepare for IELTS, I got 6 before. Now i want to get 7+, how many hours should i study?

Ans. 30 days are enough to study for IELTS exam if you are focused and determined. How many days do not make a difference, how effectively you study is important make sure to analyse your mistakes not just practice multiple times. For better band score you can also check out our E-courses which are specially designed by experts who have 14+ years of experience  and are British council certified trainer. The link to check out these course is https://athenaestudy.com